Saviour, Redeemer and Lord


Looking back over my life with each passing year,
I fall on my knees in prayer.
My heart welling up with praise to God;
My Saviour, my redeemer, my Lord!

Lost in the dungeons of sin; You called me.
Bound in the shackles of death; You saved me.
Sold in slavery to Satan; You saved me!
You quickened my spirit from the dead; everlasting life You gave me.

Sovereign Grace that gave me sight!
When I was blinded to The Truth and The Light.
Boundless love which to my rescue came;
When I was revelling in guilt and shame.

You took my place and died for me!
You gave Your life to set free me free.
Exchanged Your righteousness for my sin;
‘Tis all the pure act of Your Grace; nothing in my hands I bring.

Now I live for only You;
Your Spirit working in me the new life that pleases You.
Created anew for your glory;
Amazing Grace – this is my story!

If I had a thousand tongues to sing,
The glories of my God from each of them will ring!
If I could speak a thousand languages, it would still not do;
To express my debt of gratitude to You!

My Saviour, my redeemer, my Lord!

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